Saturday, February 28, 2009

Chapter One, Stanza Sixty, Final Couplet: Lightning Round

И заслужи мне славы дань:
Кривые толки, шум и брань!

-- original Russian text

Enjoy the meed which Fame bestows--
Misunderstanding, words and blows.

-- Henry Spalding

[...Go, my dear creation:]
Be sentenced by a crooked jury
And earn me fame and sound and fury.

-- Babette Deutsch

You'll earn me the rewards of fame:
Distorted judgments, noise and blame!

-- Walter Arendt, trans.

And deserve for me fame's tribute,
false interpretations, noise and abuse!

-- Vladimir Nabokov, trans.

earn for me the rewards of fame --
misunderstanding, noise, and blame!

-- Charles Johnston, trans.

And earn me tribute paid to fame:
Distorted readings, noise and blame!

-- James Fallen, trans.

And earn me glory's just deserts:
Hot air, vain noise, faint praise that hurts.

-- Douglas Hofstadter, trans.

And earn for me the prize of fame:
Falsification, noise and blame!

-- Stanley Mitchell, trans.